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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Sun Pharma - rising sun ? (update 1)

Sun Pharma - has slowly started moving towards a level - where there is a probability of having more sellers as compared to buyers.

We know what happens when there are more sellers and less buyers - the price moves southwards.

That's right - 720 is one such levels from where we could see a bend in the trend.

Initial Post is at Sun Pharma - rising sun ?

SmartLink - how smart will this move be ? (update 1)

SmartLink - as discussed did gave a smart move today of ~ 10% from 90/91 levels. Where we smart enough to cash in ?

The probability of it bending the trend post the level of 90 - 91 was very high and it did bend - let's enjoy the ride till it fizzles out.

Check out the initial analysis at SmartLink - how smart will this move be ?