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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SmartLink - how smart will this move be ?

Date : 27th Feb 2017

Smartlink - getting near good levels, the volumes at the daily lows which are in range of 90/92 are having very less volumes.  A good level to go long still remains from 90 / 80 / 76.

A small nibble at every dip in the range, will it see me through?

Date : 22nd Feb 2017

Smartlink - company into network cable & equipment manufacturing, one of its popular brand is digisol.

It has come back to level where a probable spurt can happen - the level is good at weekly & daily time frames. A good trade setup for ~ 10 - 12 % gain a few weeks time. 

A conservative person can wait for the price around 80 - 76, which might never come as some institutions have already started showing up in shareholding pattern.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tata Power - nervous nineties...

Date: 27th Feb 2017

With Nifty getting bit jittery,  Tata power starts tapering towards ~70 levels, which are good levels to go long.

Date : 21st Feb 2017

Tata Power is loosing steam it seems - getting a crucial level, lot of hurdles to jump - will it succumb to it's nervous nineties ? 

My guess is as good as yours ..